What You Can Expect…(With Daily, Consistent Use Of At Least 8 Hours A Day).



You can expect to gain permanent length to both your erection and flaccid hang.

If you are completely new to male enhancement, and use Sizegenetics nearly everyday for 8+ hours a day, you can expect to gain an inch in 6-8 months time.



You can expect Sizegenetics (especially the full system) to be reasonably comfortable. In comparison to other stretchers, Sizegenetics is a Godsend.



You can expect the system to be easy to use. There’s a bit of a learning curve but within about 3 or 4 weeks you will be able to take it off in about 5 seconds and put it on in about 15 seconds. This is a big deal because you won’t have to hassle with it for an extended time in a public restroom.



You can expect this device to be safe. In fact, moderate controlled penis stretching is by far the safest way to improve your size. Alternatives such as pumping, hanging and even manual stretching/jelqing present a higher risk.



Most guys find that Sizegenetics is the very best device for increasing flaccid size. You can absolutely expect and increase in how low your dick hangs.



You can expect improvement or correction if you have a left/right curve to your penis. In fact, Sizegenetics was originally developed to combat Peyronie’s Disease. It just so happened to improve size as well.


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